The LAVA documentation is continually expanding and improving. This is the overview to help you know where to look for particular help.

  • CI with LAVA - this section explains the design goals of LAVA and how to use it best as part of a complete CI system.

  • Writing tests for LAVA - this guide takes you through how to design, write and debug the tests to be run using LAVA. Worked examples are included for a range of deployments and test methods.

  • Results in LAVA - LAVA provides a generic view of test results. This guide covers how to use those results directly, and also how to export results data from LAVA to make it more useful.

  • LAVA administration guide - this guide steps through the complex task of administering a LAVA instance, from a single emulated device to a large test lab with dozens of devices.

  • Migrating to V2 - documentation to help users migrating a lab and its devices from LAVA V1 to V2.

  • Context help - some pages in the UI have a Help link in the context-menu section at the top of the page. These pages are listed in this section for reference and easier navigation.

  • Glossary of terms - descriptions of terms which have particular meanings inside LAVA.

First steps using LAVA

First steps installing LAVA

CI with LAVA

Writing tests for LAVA

Results in LAVA

LAVA administration guide

LAVA Software Community Project Contribution Guide

LAVA device integration guide

Migrating to V2

Context help